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Follow our live blog for the reveal of the artists taking part in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix 2017. Be sure to refresh the page for information about the conference and international reactions as they come in.

This year marks the 60th edition of the Danish selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest, set to be held in Herning. A record high of 1,115  songs were submitted to compete in this year’s Danish selection, Melodi Grand Prix.

13:33 CET // The ten competing songs and artists have been announced. This year’s contribution includes Anja Nissen (DMGP 2016), Rene Machon (DMGP 2015) and X Factor UK’s Sada Vidoo.

Melodi nummer 1: ‘One’
Solist: Ida Una
Tekst og musik: Peter Bjørnskov og Lene Dissing
Melodi nummer 2: ‘Vesterbro’
Solist: Thomas Ring
Tekst og musik: Thomas Ring

After releasing his gold-selling debut album ‘Wrong Side of the Daylight’ and the follow up, ‘Sideways’, in 2013 former X Factor winner Thomas Ring took a break from the spotlight. Now, with a new album on the way, he returns in entering Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with a Danish-language song.

Melodi nummer 3: ‘Color My World’
Solist: Rikke Skytte
Tekst og musik: Mads Løkkegaard, Joël Pagiël MacDonald, Mohamed Alitou og Laura Kloos
Melodi nummer 4: ‘Where I Am’
Solist: Anja
Tekst og musik: Anja Nissen, Angel Tupai og Michael D’Arcy

Last year, Anja was just seven points from victory, this year she returns – commenting:

“It has always been my dream to be allowed to represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest, so it will be a great honor if I could do so this year.”

Melodi nummer 5: ‘Big Little Lies’
Solist: Calling Mercury
Tekst og musik: Thomas Sardorf, Rune Braager og Martin Luke Brown
Melodi nummer 6: ‘Smoke In My Eyes’
Solist: Anthony
Tekst og musik: Kim Nowak-Zorde, Kasper Larsen, Hans Petersen, Ollie Marland og Phil Plested
Melodi nummer 7: ‘Warriors’
Solist: René Machon
Tekst og musik: Astrid Cordes, Alexander Grandjean, Hans Petersen og Lars Andersen

Riding solo in 2017, Rene Machon returns to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. In 2015, accompanied by Tina, Rene performed the Thomas G:Son penned track ‘Mi Amore’ – finishing in 7th place.

Melodi nummer 8: ‘Northern Lights’
Solist: Sada Vidoo
Tekst og musik: Christoffer Lauridsen, Andreas Öhrn og Alessandra Günthardt

Sada Vidoo competed in the UK’s X Factor 2016, reaching the infamous ‘Six Chair Challenge’. Failing to qualify further, Sada returned in last month’s final to perform as part of an ‘auditionees medley’ at Wembley Arena. Sada is known as a ‘living doll’, commenting to DR about her choice to dress in this way, she says:

“People always think that I put on a mask, but for me it’s about being free. I wake up every morning and am looking to take a new dress.”

Melodi nummer 9: ‘Hurricane’
Solist: Jeanette Bonde
Tekst og musik: Jeanette Bonde, Alexander Grandjean, Jeppe Pilgaard Ulrichsen og Nermin Harambasic
Melodi nummer 10: ‘A.S.A.P.’
Solist: Johanna Beijbom
Tekst og musik: Peter Wallevik, Daniel Heløy Davidsen, Patrick Devine, Dimitri Stassos og Freja Jonsson Blomberg

Johanna has, in one sense, previously won the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing singer for Loreen in 2012 when the song ‘Euphoria’ was crowned the winner in Baku Crystal Hall. Johanna has also performed as a backing artist for Georgia in 2013, Malta 2007 and Denmark in 2015. Johanna Beijbom will perform “ASAP” this February.


13:30 CET // Swedish artist Johanna Beijbom has been announced as the first artist competing in Melodi Grand Prix 2017. Johanna has, in one sense, previously won the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing singer for Loreen in 2012 when the song ‘Euphoria’ was crowned the winner in Baku Crystal Hall. Johanna has also performed as a backing artist for Georgia in 2013, Malta 2007 and Denmark in 2015. Johanna Beijbom will perform “ASAP” this February.

13:25 CET // Tøppe and Annette Heick are currently on stage ready to reveal the artists. So far the only confirmation has been that two of the competing artists are former X Factor contestants. The next announcement should be to reveal the first of the ten artists.

13:20 CET // Michel Patric Sian and Katrine Engberg will choreograph this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performances and Denmark’s performance at Eurovision in Kyiv this May. The artists competing in the 60th edition of the national final are yet to be revealed.

13:08 CET //  Live in the DR Concert Hall, press meet as the conference begins and Ole Tøpholm presents the ten artists. The conference will last two artists as artists and their songs are introduced and interviewed live on stage.

12:53 CET //  Speaking of the number of entries, DR’s Head of Entertainment Jan Storage Lundme claimed to be both “happy” and “relieved” that so many artists still wish to compete in the contest:

“I am really happy for the many contributions and also a little bit relieved that so many want to be with. This means that there is support around the Grand Prix out in the country and a feeling that now we stand together to get Denmark in the Eurovision finals next year”

Lundme also revealed that having heard a few of the submitted entries, he is optimistic that there are some potential hits in the mix. Many of the songs, he notes, are not “cut by the classic Grand Prix template”, and are more modern and contemporary in sound. This year’s contest will be hosted by Johannes Nymarkhas and Annette Heick on February 25th.

In February 2016, Søren, Johannes and Martin (also known as Lighthouse X) entered Dansk Melodi Grand Prix held in Horsens, and won the show with 42% of the public backing their song ‘Soldiers of Love’ to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest. For Johannes, this was the second time on the Eurovision stage after appearing as the keyboard player for Italy in 2014.

In Stockholm they performed in the thirteenth position of the second semi-final, finishing the night in 17th place and therefore failing to qualify for the grand final.

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Denmark debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 alongside Austria and the United Kingdom. To date Denmark has won the contest on three occasions, the first being in 1963 when Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann performed “Dansevise”. Denmark won the contest again in 2000 represented by the Olsen Brothers, their most recent victory came in 2013 when Emmelie de Forest performed “Only Teardrops”. Denmark has failed to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the past two years.

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