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Slovenia: Selects For Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 on February 10

Slovenia will select their participant in Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 in Malta on February 10.

RTVSLO the Slovenian national broadcaster has announced that they will select their entrant for Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 on February 10. The broadcaster has made a call for dancers to apply to represent the country at this years contest in Malta. The rules of the selection are as follows:

  • Performers cannot be professionally employed, they must be members of dance schools or have a basic knowledge of classical/contemporary ballet.
  • Dancers must have been born between 11/06/1995 and 10/06/2001.
  • Dancers who have previously competed in Eurovision Young Dancers are not allowed to compete
  • Must have been born in Slovenia or have been a fulltime resident in Slovenia for the past two years

In the event that a large number of participants apply to represent Slovenia in the competition, RTVSLO reserves the right to select the countries entrant based upon the video footage accompanying their submission. If this does not occur the Slovenian entrant will be selected in a selection held on February 10 at RTVSLO.

The dancers competing in the Slovenian selection will be marked according to the following criteria:

  • Technical readiness
  • Musicality
  • Correctness of performance
  • Style and artistic impression
  • Dance performance
  • Quality of artistic expression
  • Flexibility to perform a new dance style

The jury will mark all of the dancers from 1 to 10, the judges points will be added up and then divided by the number of jurors to create the overall score. In the event that there is a tie a a secret ballot will be held among the jurors to select Slovenia’s participant.

Slovenia debuted in Eurovision Young Dancers in 1993 and has participated in every edition of the contest since. Slovenia’s best results came in 2011 and 2015 when the country finished in 2nd place, being beaten by the Netherlands in 2011 and Poland in 2015.

Source: RTVSLO

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