The second show in the Lithuanian selection process was filmed last night, but one act received severe criticism for their entry and performance.

Varjetė who are performing the song “My Story” received severe criticism from three members of the judging panel; Jazzu, D. Užkuraičio and R. Zilnys. The girl group were not the only singers to be performing a song titled “My Story”, which lead to strong and unfavourable comparisons from Jazzu who said:

If you already have two songs of the same name, then I can say that the first song (Perfomred by E.G.O) I have believed more. Another thing is the performers mentioned the words “Cabaret” and “musical”, but I did not see that in your appearance. I did not understand what you want to say, the song seems to me it is not worth attention.

D. Užkuraičio went on to criticise the groups song adding that:

For me, it looked like a fragment, not a separate piece. It was not bad, but was not too good.

The criticism was rounded off by R. Zilnys who closed the judges thoughts by stating:

I think that even if all 50 participants in this year’s selection get sick, and you stay on the only candidate to represent our country, Lithuania will probably decide not to participate in the competition this year at all.

According to reports that Eurovoix cannot confirm the group failed to receive a point from the jury voting and thus currently lay at the bottom of the scoreboard. The second show in the Lithuanian selection will be broadcast from 20:00 CET on Saturday night with 13 singers competing for a space in the next round.

Source: LRT

Lithuania debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994, however on their debut they finished in last place with nul points. Lithuania didn’t return to the contest until 1999 when Aiste finished 20th with the song “Strazdas”. Lithuania’s best result came in 2006 when LT United performed “We Are The Winners”, they finished 6th in the final with a total of 162 points. Lithuania’s only other top.10 finish came in 2016 when Donny Montell performed “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” in Stockholm, he received 12 points from the public in Ireland, Norway & United Kingdom.