NTU the Ukrainian national broadcaster has released an update regarding the current state of preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

NTU has today released an update regarding the current state of preparations for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this May in Kyiv. Currently a total of 38 individuals are working on the Eurovision Song Contest, of which 20 are employees of NTU and 18 are specialists brought in for the contest.

The core team for the Eurovision Song Contest is as follows:

  • Executive Producer, NTU Deputy Director General – Victoria Romanova
  • Executive producer, NTU First Deputy Director General – Oleksandr Kharebin
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Eurovision 2017, Deputy Director General of NTU on for the preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest – Pavlo Hrytsak
  • Show Producer – Stuart Barlow
  • Creative Producer – Oleh Bodnarchuk
  • Event Manager – Denys Bloschynskyi
  • Arena Manager – Oleksandr Karyakin
  • Communications Manager – Yulya Golovlyova
  • Representative of the host city of Kyiv – Oleksiy Reznikov

As of the end of 2016 the following agreements and contracts have been signed:

  • Agreement with the owners of the International Exhibition Centre on the renting of the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Contract has been signed with the provider of the stands for seating at the IEC.
  • Wieder Design has been selected as the designer of the stage for the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Pilot.ua were selected as the official tour operator for the contest.
  • ReDesign have been selected as the creative agency responsible for the creation of the creative concept. The creative concept for the contest will be presented during January.
  • Launch of the application process to be a volunteer at the Eurovision Song Contest. To date over 5,000 people have applied to be a volunteer at the contest in Kyiv.
  • Work is continuing on the selection of the venues and locations for the Opening Ceremony, EuroClub and Eurovision Village.
  • Work has begun on the creation of content for the three shows, this includes work on the interval acts and the creation of postcards to be shown before the performances.
  • Creation of the Headquarters for security at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, formed of professionals from a number of Government agencies.

Victoria Romanova one of the two Executive Producers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 stated to NTU that:

At the beginning of 2017 will be announced a number of decisions on the creative concept, show itself, hosts, design and creative content of the contest. We promise exciting surprises and the outcome will be world-class. Also be plenty of surprises for the Eurovision fans.

You can follow all of the preparations for the contest here.

Source: NTU