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The Netherlands: Three songs in the race for Kyiv

Back in October, the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS announced that girl group OG3NE had been selected to represent the Netherlands in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Now, just over two months later, it would appear that the group are inching ever closer to finding the perfect song to send to Kyiv.

Yesterday, in an interview given on NPO Radio 2, band member Shelley claimed that three songs were now in the running to represent the country in May. Just last week, fellow member Lisa claimed that twelve entries were in the running out of a total of forty submitted songs. Clearly the selection is hotting up, and the speed at which decisions are being made suggests that a decision on the final song is imminent.

When asked about the names of songwriters who had submitted entries, Shelley claimed that Han Kooreneef (who has written songs for Glennis Grace and Jeroen van der Boom of The Toppers), guitarist and composer Gordon Groothedde, and producer Rick Vol, who is also the father of the three girls of OG3NE. Sources are also suggesting that Bruce Smith and former Eurovision entrants 3JS have also submitted songs into the selection. It is currently unclear whether any of these submissions have made it into the top 3 entries mentioned by Shelley.

The Dutch entry is not set to be announced until February or March. OG3NE will represent the Netherlands in either the first or second semi-final of this year’s contest on the 16th or 18th May respectively.



The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Netherlands debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and has gone on to compete in all bar four contests. To date the Netherlands has won the contest on four occasions the latest being in 1975. The Netherlands struggled in the contest from 2000 onwards, with the country only qualifying twice for the final between 2004 and 2013. The country’s best result since 1975 occurred in 2014 when The Common Linnets finished 2nd in Copenhagen with a total of 238 points, 52 points behind Austria.

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