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Albania: “Botë” Will Change Language For Eurovision

Lindita Halimi has confirmed that her winning Festivali i Kenges song “Botë” will change language for next years Eurovision Song Contest.

Lindita has confirmed via Facebook that “Botë” the song she won Festivali i Kenges 55 with, will change language for next years Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. In an interview straight after winning Festivali i Kenges on Friday night, the singer stated to Eurovision Albania that the song was originally written in English before being changed into Albanian for the competition.

Lindita won the 55th edition of Festivali i Kenges on Friday night, having beaten off competition in the final from 13 other singers. Lindita was born in Vitina, Kosovo in 1989 and has been performing as a singer since 2006. Since 2014 she has been living with her husband in the United States and went on to take part in American Idol, she made it through to the final 51 but did not make it through to the final 24.

Albania has a long tradition of changing the instrumentation and the language of the songs that win Festivali i Kenges. Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest, Festivali i Kenges does not have a rule regarding songs having to be three minutes or shorter. Furthermore the rules of Festivali i Kenges require all songs be performed in Albanian. It is expected that “Botë” will changed to its original English lyrics as well as undergo changes to its instrumentation ahead of the contest in May.

Source: Lindita, Eurovision Albania

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Albania debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 where they were represented by Anjeza Shahini. In Istanbul she performed the song “The Image of You” going on to finish 7th in the final scoring a total of 106 points. Albania’s best result in the contest came in 2012 when they were represented by Rona Nishliu and her song “Suus”, she finished 5th in the final scoring 4 sets of 12 points. Albania last performed in a Eurovision Song Contest final in 2015, when Elhaida Dani performed “I’m Alive”.

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    1. Who knows? Lindita might have the last chorus in English in order to “spread the message” to the rest of the “Botë”. Or maybe she’ll update the instrumentation. Or maybe both of the above. Whatever the final result is, I bet it might be a surprise. Let’s find out! 🙂

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