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7 thoughts on “JESC’16: Poland Rescues Otherwise Slipping Viewing Figures”

    1. It isn’t that chocking that the number of viewers has decreased. Viewers couldn’t vote for their favorites, which turns down the interest among viewers. Also, the contest was moved to a Sunday afternoon – children have other things to do on Sunday afternoons, obviously.

      1. What if the new time slot were Saturday afternoons? What about the voting system being the same as of 2014 at the Marsa Shipbuilding? What if the EBU forbade pre-recorded backing tracks like in the adult’s contest? 😮

  1. JESC was great this year, it a shame that with the exception of Poland the ratings are so low. The Eurovision Dance Contest got over 18,000,000 for it’s final edition, maybe the EBU should think about bringing it back? Think JESC 2017 should be moved back to Saturday evenings, with so many countries losing viewers, probably due to the time switch this year.

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