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Georgia Begins Talks Regarding Hosting Junior Eurovision 2017

It has been confirmed that talks have begun between GPB and the EBU regarding the country hosting Junior Eurovision 2017.

Today the Georgian national broadcaster (GPB) held a press conference to celebrate the country’s victory in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. At the press conference it was confirmed that Georgia has been given first refusal on whether they wish to host the Junior Eurovision 2017. This system has been in place since the 2013 enables the winner of the previous contest to have first refusal on whether they will hold the following years contest.

Georgia won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the third time on Sunday. They were represented by 10-year-old Mariam Mamadashvili with the song “Mzeo”. She provided a surprise third victory for Georgia in a contest that they have come to dominate in their 10 years in the contest.

At the press conference the Georgian delegation stated that:

We are holding talks and we hope that Georgia will host Junior Eurovision 2017.

An announcement regarding whether Georgia will host next years contest is not expected for a minimum of one month. The earliest a host country has been announced under the current system was in 2013 when Malta confirmed they would host the 2014 contest just three weeks after their victory in Kyiv, Ukraine. Winning countries have previously opted not to host the following years contest. In 2015 Italy declined to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 after winning the 2014 contest in Malta. Instead Bulgaria was announced as the host nation at the end of January 2015.

The results of Junior Eurovision 2016 were as follows:

  1. Georgia – Mariam Mamadashvili – Mzeo – 239 points
  2. Armenia – Anahit & Mary – Taber – 232 points
  3. Italy –  Fiamma Boccia – Cara Mamma – Dear Mom – 209 points
  4. Russia – Water of Life Project – Water of Life – 202 points
  5. Australia – Alexa Curtis – We Are – 202 points
  6. Malta – Christina Magrin – Parachute – 191 points
  7. Belarus – Alexander Minyonok – Musyka moikh pobed – 177 points
  8. The Netherlands – Kisses – Kisses and Dancin – 174 points
  9. Bulgaria – Lidia Ganeva – Magical Day – 161 points
  10. Ireland – Zena Donnelly – Bríce ar Bhríce – 122 points
  11. Poland – Olivia Wieczorek – Nie zapomnij – 60 points
  12. F.Y.R. Macedonia – Martija Stanojković – Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne vodi) – 41 points
  13. Albania – Klesta Qehaja – Besoj – 38 points
  14. Ukraine – Sofia Rol – Planet Craves For Love – 30 points
  15. Israel – Shir & Tim – Folllow My Heart – 27 points
  16. Cyprus – George Michaelides – Dance Floor – 27 points
  17. Serbia – Dunja Jeličić – U la la la – 14 points

Source: Postalioni

5 thoughts on “Georgia Begins Talks Regarding Hosting Junior Eurovision 2017”

    1. Exactly. But let’s not forgot that Georgia’s neighbor, Armenia, hosted Junior Eurovision in 2011, wherein Georgia also won. If Georgia hosts Junior Eurovision 2017, then Armenia could win in hopes of hosting the following year! (2018)

  1. Yes, I think Armenia will host JESC’17 because the had a great contest in 2011 and so many times second place in the contest.
    Georgia has never host the contest but won 3 times, now time for a great contest in 2017? Maybe ;0
    Or a little change for Italy because they won 2014 but never host the contest.

    1. Remember when countries that didn’t reach the Top 3 hosted the following year?

      Norway: 13th in 2003; hosted in 2004
      Belgium: 10th 2004; hosted in 2005
      Romania: 5th in 2005; hosted in 2006
      Netherlands: 12th in 2006; hosted in 2007 and 2012
      Cyprus: 14th 2007; hosted in 2008
      Belarus: 9th in 2009; hosted in 2010

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