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22 thoughts on “Georgia: Mariam Mamadashvili Has Won The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016”

  1. I hate this song, Armenia or other country are best with Georgia. The voting systeme is bad!!! im very sade and i think France no return in 2017 and Serbia withdrawing sadly

    1. Wrong! First of all, don’t count on Serbia to withdraw after their bad result. Secondly, I figured out that Jon Ola Sand is hoping for some these “former participant countries” to return, including France.

  2. My top 17 after the show (A GREAT YEAR, I LIKE THE MOST OF THE SONGS)

    1. Australia (Masterpiece, great voice, good performance and message)
    2. Italy (Beautiful!! Emotional, wow!)
    3. Malta (Best voice, great song with a strong chorus)
    4. FYR Macedonia (Unbelievable, I hope we will see you soon in ESC. I think you will be in the top 10 then. I love this song!! This was soo underrated)
    5. Russia (Great but the voices were in the videoclip so much better! The dance was good, but the girls weren’t happy thought I. Best song from this year.)
    6. Albania (This was so much better than the national final! Unbelievable Klesta! Good job! They were so underrated)
    7. Ukraine (Great song with a beautiful message! I love the performance, it’s like Belarus 2010. Soo underrated! Good job Ukraine!)
    8. The Netherlands (The song is soo catchy and the voice from Stefania was sooo great! The performance was super! Gefeliciteerd Kisses met de 8e positie 😉 )
    9. Bulgaria (Beautiful voice and great performance. The song is sooo catchy, I thought she was 3th.)
    10. Georgia (The song is like Disney. The voice is great! I think she is overrated but the live performance was so much better than I thought. You was before the show my 13th)
    11. Poland (Beautiful dress and voice Olivia! The song is a little bit boring but the voice aren’t 🙂 )
    12. Armenia (First I don’t like the song but it’s soo catchy! Great voices girls and a nice performance. Good job!)
    13. Ireland (2 times 12 points? Sooo overrated! I thought she will be end at the 17th place. Good song but after 1 minute it will be boring)
    14. Israel (Good voices! But the song is the best from all of your qualities)
    15. Cyprus (THE BEST PERFORMANCE! But the voice….. the worst. The song is good but not for JESC.)
    16. Belarus (Sorry, I don’t like this entry. Good performance!)
    17. Serbia (Soo boring and the song is so bad! The worst performance & song from this year.)

  3. I think this will be the contestants in JESC 2017 (15 contestants) ;
    Georgia (Host)
    Cyprus (Definitely)
    The Netherlands
    Germany (new country)

    Withdrawing: Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Israel & Poland

  4. I don’t think that Georgia will host it, i think Armenia or Russia will host it. But i think too that Macedonia, Serbia and Israel will withdraw but i don’t think that Poland will withdraw. Maybe Ukraine would withdraw due financial situation after ESC 2017, they don’t have money now so i don’t think they will have money after big ESC.

    1. Hell yes! Well said!

      Jon Ola Sand should be FIRED because making both contests more interesting and more exciting by changing the voting system is nothing but a criminal contempt!

        1. Maybe either Georgia, Armenia, Malta, Italy, Cyprus, Poland or Israel should host next year’s contest. Although Malta already hosted this year’s contest.

  5. My prediction for next year:

    1. Georgia (host country)
    2. Armenia
    3. Italy
    4. Cyprus
    5. Malta
    6. Ukraine
    7. Germany (debut)
    8. Spain (return)
    9. United Kingdom (return)
    10. Israel
    11. Poland
    12. FYR Macedonia
    13. Serbia
    14. Bulgaria
    15. Belarus
    16. Netherlands
    17. Sweden (return)
    18. Australia
    19. Finland (debut)
    20. Russia

    Debuting countries for 2017 (my prediction): Finland, Germany
    Returning countries for 2017 (my prediction): Spain, United Kingdom
    Withdrawing countries 2017 (my prediction): Albania

  6. Here’s my top after the show:

    1. Macedonia (+/- 0)
    2. Malta (+ 7)
    3. Italy (+ 1)
    4. Russia (- 2)
    5. Australia (- 2)
    6. Netherlands (+/- 0)
    7. Serbia (- 2)
    8. Bulgaria (+/- 0)
    9. Armenia (- 2)
    10. Georgia (+7)
    11. Israel (- 1)
    12. Poland (- 1)
    13. Albania (- 1)
    14. Ireland (+ 2)
    15. Belarus (+/- 0)
    16. Cyprus (- 2)
    17. Ukraine (- 4)

    Georgia was incredible live, Mariam really deserved that victory!

  7. This is my JESC’16 contest ”GAME” (50% my predication after the live performances and 50% the real voting)

    1. Armenia, 251 points (real: 2th, 232 points)
    2. Italy, 234 points (real: 3th, 209 points)
    3. Bulgaria, 207 points (real: 9th, 161 points)
    4. Russia, 199 points (real: 4/5th, 202 points)
    5. Australia, 174 points (real: 4/5th, 202 points)
    6. Malta, 172 points (real: 6th, 191 points)
    7. Georgia, 163 points (real: 1th, 239 points)
    8. Belarus, 135 points (real: 7th, 177 points)
    9. The Netherlands, 127 points (real: 8th, 174 points)
    10. FYR Macedonia, 104 points (real: 12th, 41 points)
    11. Ukraine, 91 points (real: 14th, 30 points)
    12. Ireland, 75 points (real: 10th, 122 points)
    13. Albania, 56 points (real: 13th, 38 points)
    14. Israel, 50 points (real: 15th, 27 points)
    15. Poland, 47 points (real: 11th, 60 points)
    16. Serbia, 31 points (real: 17th, 14 points)
    17. Cyprus, 30 points (real: 16th, 27 points)

    ”normal” jury: 1.Italy 114p, 2.Armenia 108p, 3.Georgia 104p, 4.Bulgaria 94p, 5.Russia 86p, 6.Australia 74p, 7.Malta 70p, 8.Belarus 67p, 9.Netherlands 55p, 10.Ukraine 47p, 11/12.Albania/Macedonia 34p, 13.Ireland 33p, 14.Israel 29p, 15.Poland 16p, 16.Serbia 13p, 17.Cyprus10

    Expert jury: 1.Italy 29p – 2.Russia 26p – 3.Armenia 24p – 4.Australia 18p – 5.Bulgaria 17p – 6.Netherlands 14p – 7.Ukraine 10p – 8.Ireland 7p – 9.Malta 6p – 10/11/12/13. Georgia/Belarus/Serbia/Poland 5p – 14.Israel 2p – 15.Macedonia 1p – 16/17. Cyprus/Albania 0p

    Kids jury: 1.Armenia 119p – 2/3. Bulgaria/Malta 96p – 4.Italy 91p – 5.Russia 87p – 6.Australia 82p – 7.Macedonia 69p – 8.Belarus 63p – 9.Netherlands 58p – 10.Georgia 54p – 11.Ireland 35p – 12.Ukraine 34p – 13.Poland 26p – 14.Albania 22p – 15.Cyprus 20p – 16.Israel 19p – 17.Serbia 13p

    12 Points (all votes from Kids, Expert, Normal jury = 37 votes)

    Armenia 9x
    Italy 9x
    Russia 4x
    Malta 4x
    Belarus 3x
    Bulgaria 2x
    Georgia 2x
    Australia 1x
    The Netherlands 1x
    FYR Macedonia 1x
    Israel 1x

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