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The Israeli entry for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, “Follow My Heart” performed by Shir & Tim has been released.

Israel is being represented by Shira Frieman (13) and  TimoTi Sannikov (13) with the song “Follow My Heart”. The Israeli entry was written by Noam Horev, the songwriter has previous Eurovision experience having written the lyrics for “Milim” the country’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

Shira is already known to the Israeli public having participated in the third series of Music School, she has gone on to perform in a number of shows and voice dubbing in “Finding Dory”. TimoTi has already participated in song contests across Europe such as New Wave Junior and The Voice Kids in Ukraine, and recently starred in the musical “Billy Elliot”.

Listen to the song below:

6 thoughts on “Israel: “Follow My Heart” is Released”

  1. And here it is, my final top 17:

    1. Macedonia
    2. Russia
    3. Australia
    4. Italy
    5. Serbia
    6. Netherlands
    7. Armenia
    8. Bulgaria
    9. Malta
    10. Israel
    11. Poland
    12. Albania
    13. Ukraine
    14. Cyprus
    15. Belarus
    16. Ireland
    17. Georgia

  2. My top:

    1. Armenia
    2. Italy
    3. Cyprus
    4. Italy
    5. the Netherlands
    6. Belarus
    7. Serbia
    8. F.Y.R Macedonia
    9. Malta
    10. Australia
    11. Poland
    12. Russia
    13. Georgia
    14. Ireland
    15. Albania
    16. Ukraine
    17. Israel

    I have to say that I like all the songs this year, so I was having hard time to put this top, I have no idea who Will win this year…

  3. Here it is. My top 17 of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

    01: Albania
    02: Armenia
    03: Ireland
    04: Poland
    05: Italy
    06: Malta
    07: Australia
    08: Macedonia
    09: Serbia
    10: Belarus
    11: Georgia
    12: Bulgaria
    13: Ukraine
    14: Cyprus
    15: Israel
    16: Russia
    17: Netherlands

    BTW, there’s so many good songs this year; it’s hard to rank all 17 of them!

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