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Croatia: Could Jacques Houdek Finally Make it to Eurovision?

Croatian media this week has been reporting that Jacques Houdek may finally make his was to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017.

24sata reports that Jacques Houdek has managed to convince key individuals at HRT that he is the ready to be the next Croatian Eurovision entrant. Jacque has tried to represent Croatia on six ocassions, the last being in 2011 when he was beaten by Daria Kinzer in the last edition of “Dora” to be held.

Jacque Houdek was Nina Kraljic’s mentor in the first season of The Voice in Croatia. Nina won the first series and went on to be internally selected to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

HRT has not yet made any public decisions as to how they will select their participant for the contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. The decision will be made in the coming months. HRT came under criticism for internally selected Nina to represent Croatia in Stockholm, with calls for a return to the “Dora” selection format used from 1993 to 2011.

HRT has not responded to the rumors, while Jacques Houdek’s manager has stated he knows nothing about these discussions.

Source: 24sata

3 thoughts on “Croatia: Could Jacques Houdek Finally Make it to Eurovision?”

  1. Just so you know, Jacques is currently jobless and now he’s sending press releases to several Croatian media (and I think to ESCtoday) about him going to ESC. That’s not true, since HRT has different plans for ESC2017, but currently is on stand by because they don’t ave a Head of Broadcaster. Bye from Croatia!

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