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ESC’17: Director General of NTU Suggests Slovakia Return

The Director General of NTU, the Ukrainian national broadcaster has suggested that Slovakia may return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017.

Zurab Alasania the Director General of NTU the Ukrainian national broadcaster, has suggested that Slovakia may be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. In a Tweet Mr Alasania stated that:

This opens the possibility that Slovakia is still in discussions and open to participating in next years contest in the Ukrainian Capital.

To date the Slovakian national broadcaster RTVS has not publicly stated they will not be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Such announcements in previous years have occurred in August or September.

Interest from Slovakia in the contest has been actively support by the Czech national broadcaster and their Head of Delegation, Jan Forst Bors. In the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Mr Forst Bors stated to the Slovak press that:

Take a look at it and see that it’s really big and prestigious thing, which is worth participating in. Come see for yourself. Of course it makes no sense to advise someone, and therefore I say this solely from the position of a fan of the competition. Slovakia has an amazing musical tradition. You have so many perfect musicians and if the conditions will allow, go into it.

RTVS had stated in April 2016 that the contest remained an “attractive project” to the broadcaster. However that the priority of the broadcaster was the product of their own content for broadcast, participation in Eurovision could only occur if additional financial resources became available to the broadcaster.

Slovakia last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2012. The country had returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 having been absent since 1998. In the four appearances the country made between 2009 and 2012, they failed to qualify for the final on every occasion. It is thought that the Czech Republic reaching the final in 2016 may be a significant factor in whether Slovakia returns to Eurovision next year or not.

To date a total of 40 countries have stated their interest in participating or have confirmed their participation in next years contest. Only San Marino and Australia who competed last year are yet to officially confirm their participation. While Turkey and Slovakia are both yet to publicly state whether they will be competing in next years contest. Furthermore there are rumors that Kazakhstan may be joining the 2017 contest due to yet unrevealed rule changes by the EBU.

Source: Zurab Alasania

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