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Kazakhstan: Khabar Agency Responds To Eurovision Rumors

Khabar Agency the European Broadcasting Union Associate Member in Kazakhstan has responded to rumors they may be eligible to compete in Eurovision 2017.

The Head of Khabar Agency the EBU Associate Member from Kazakhstan has responded to reports that Kazakhstan is now eligible to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Sandugash Rakhimzhanova the Director General told that:

Khabar is an associate membership in the EBU since January 1, 2016. During the three years we have been negotiating for membership and how to represent the country in the EBU. Associate membership is not equal because geographically we do not come under their rules, so we have no right to vote and we can not participate in “Eurovision”, because only full members can participate. But the Reference Group of “Eurovision” sometimes makes concessions, as in the case of Australia, for example. The only exception, as we have explained, was due to the fact that they have broadcast the contest for a long time. At this point we are not informed about the participation of Kazakhstan, there is no official confirmation.

The Director General of Khabar Agency added that if Kazakhstan was to be made eligible to compete, the decision may be discussed at the EBU General Assembly in December. Kazakhstan has broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest since 2010, providing their own commentators for the contest.

The EBU stated at the end of September that a review of the rules regarding the participation of Associate Members of the EBU is underway and that a decision will be made ahead of next years contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.


7 thoughts on “Kazakhstan: Khabar Agency Responds To Eurovision Rumors”

  1. We need a new country please! Kazakhstan is the perfect one, as it is partly European country. We need Slovakia, Moldova, Turkey, San Marino to confirm and Bosnia to find someone who can represent their country. That would be perfect. I like Australia, but these countries are more important, but if there Will be space they are welcome back.

  2. Why are so many people (based on other articles) being negative? If Azerbaijan can host a Eurovision, then why can’t Kazakhstan participate?

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