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7 thoughts on “Turkey: NGO’s Working To Seek Turkish Return To Eurovision”

    1. If I’m not mistaken they didn’t mention Eurovision for a long time last year either… Hopefully they will confirm participation soon.

  1. They’d better stay away from the contest. We don’t need crybabies that can’t accept ONE elimination in the Semi-Finals. These are the rules. 50% jury and 50% televote. You may qualify and you may not. If you don’t like them don’t participate. Their 2012 entry was horrendous and they should be ashamed of sending that to Eurovision. The fact that it qualified and placed in the top 10 is a disgrace. And it’s all because of the stupid televoters. That’s why I’m over a 75% jury and 25% televoting system.

    Take your diaspora and go home, Turkey. The only thing your participation has offered is sad memories.

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