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Poland has selected Olivia Wieczorek to represent them at the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta this November.

A total of nine acts took too the  stage this evening live from the Polish capital, Warsaw. The nine participants were selected after Poland made an open call for songs for this years contest. The winner of the selection was decided by a combination of 50% jury vote and 50% public televote. On the jury are:

  • Margaret – Pop star and runner-up in the Polish selection process for Eurovision 2016
  • Anny Wyszkoni – Singer, composer and songwriter.
  • Marcin Kusy – Journalist and Radio DJ

The nine acts and their songs that competed in the selection were (shown in running order):

  1. WAMWAY – Zróbmy hałas
  2. Ania Dąbrowska – Fryzurka
  3. Dominika Ptak – Jak kropla
  4. Julia Chmielarska – Na skrzydłach dni
  5. ASMki – Do końca świata
  6. Urszula Dorosz – Życie to nie gra
  7. Amelia Andryszczyk – Marzenia
  8. ARFIK – Kocie tango
  9. Olivia Wieczorek – Nie zapomnij – 1st

Listen to the winning song below:

11 thoughts on “Poland: Olivia Wieczorek To Junior Eurovision 2016”

  1. Another last place for Poland is impossible now! I managed to watch the show live and in my opinion, this girl was by far the best of the bunch. She has a sweet song and her voice is amazing.

    Good luck in Malta. 🙂

  2. She was just okay (my 5th from those songs). The winner should be Dominika Ptak, she was really the best.

  3. It’s a lack lustre again… ballad goes no where like Italy. Albania and Russia have the strongest ballads by far

  4. Dominika Ptak was also my favorite, But Olivia Wieczorek with the winning song Nie zapomnij is very beautiful too. It is a very good year this year. Another 5 songs we have to know. I am curious to hear them soon. For me is Italy the best for this moment. Let ‘s see if the unknown 5 songs can change my mind…

  5. My JESC top so far:
    1. Macedonia
    2. Netherlands
    3. Australia
    4. Italy
    5. Russia
    6. Ukraine
    7. Serbia
    8. Bulgaria
    9. Poland
    10. Belarus
    11. Cyprus
    12. Albania

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