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11 thoughts on “Poland: Olivia Wieczorek To Junior Eurovision 2016”

  1. Another last place for Poland is impossible now! I managed to watch the show live and in my opinion, this girl was by far the best of the bunch. She has a sweet song and her voice is amazing.

    Good luck in Malta. 🙂

  2. Dominika Ptak was also my favorite, But Olivia Wieczorek with the winning song Nie zapomnij is very beautiful too. It is a very good year this year. Another 5 songs we have to know. I am curious to hear them soon. For me is Italy the best for this moment. Let ‘s see if the unknown 5 songs can change my mind…

  3. My JESC top so far:
    1. Macedonia
    2. Netherlands
    3. Australia
    4. Italy
    5. Russia
    6. Ukraine
    7. Serbia
    8. Bulgaria
    9. Poland
    10. Belarus
    11. Cyprus
    12. Albania

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