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The submissions window for Hungary’s Eurovision Song Contest 2017 selection, A Dal has been opened by MTVA.

The Hungarian national broadcaster has opened the submissions window for A Dal, their selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Along with the normal rules regarding the number of participants on stage and when a song can have been released before, Hungary has introduced new rules to increase the quality of the songs.

MTVA has introduced two new rules. Performers wishing to compete must have had an album released or performed their music on national television or radio. Furthermore the performers must have a record label or a contract with a professional music manager.

Alongside these changes to the rules, a number of new prizes will be awarded to the singers and songs competing in A Dal 2017. Special prizes will be awarded for “A Dal 2017 Best Lyrics” and ”A Dal 2017 Breakthrough Performance”.

The submissions window is open until midnight on November 20th. The dates of the A Dal 2017 selection shows has not yet been announced.

Source: MTVA

3 thoughts on “Hungary: A Dal 2017 Submissions Open”

  1. These are not changes. Everything is the same in the rules as it was last year or a year before last year (quality of the songs etc.) The prizes was also introduced in 2016 🙂 The best lyrics prize winner was Pioneer, the newcomer of A Dal was Petruska.

  2. A Dal seems to work for them. I congratulate them because they usually manage to qualify without much and diaspora voting. I hope they will continue their qualification strike. 🙂

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