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10 thoughts on “Macedonia: “Love will Lead Our Way” is Released”

  1. First of all, I’m surprised because I expected a ballad. The song is not bad at all, it’s actually quite catchy but also a little weak. Not high in my top because other countries have better songs.

    1. Seriously Boyan, there should be no need to be negative over a song that was recently released to the public, even when it comes to JESC. So don’t count on Macedonia to be at the bottom of the scoreboard.

  2. Why should they have the songs too childish though junior Eurovision would be more popular and commercial if the age range was boostered to 13 -17 then make the ESC 18+

    1. It’s not happening Scotty. The minimum age for the regular Eurovision should remain at 16. In fact, I personally think [that] some of the biggest record labels (Young Money, Big Machine, Sony Records, etc) should make 16 the new minimum age. Taylor Swift was signed the Big Machine Records at that age. 🙂

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