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13 thoughts on “Turkey: No Return To The Eurovision Song Contest in 2017?”

  1. I couldn’t care about Turkey entering the Euro song contest but I do think they have a point regarding the big five .. I hate the fact that we in Britain have to pay so much for this so-called contest . I think whoever wins should be made to pay for the bloody thing ! After all , we all know here that everyone hates the UK .. until they want our money !

    1. We don’t hate the UK, we hate your people’s attitude.

      Don’t blame Eurovision calling it a “so-called contest” just because you can’t send a good act. Maybe if you started taking Eurovision seriously and started sending good artists (like Jade Ewen and Bonnie Tyler) who can sing then maybe you wouldn’t end up in the bottom 10 all the time…

      1. Agree with you, Alex. If the BBC started sending songs with style then they may climb up the board. However the reason why they do not take it all too seriously is very simple; they don’t have to – the UK is Europe’s largest music producer, it’s not that Adele would enter a Eurovision stage, never ever. But I still agree with you, the BBC could AT LEAST send modern, young songs with young ambitious artists. This year’s entry was a good example, although not scoring so well.

  2. Finally, Turkey will decided to go to Kiev in October. And since Bosnia and Herzegovina withdrew, Slovakia returns. And I hope that the EBU allows associate members to compete.

  3. Okay, I’m actually not too sad because they behave like crybabies. You didn’t deserve to qualify in 2011 and that’s why you didn’t, Turkey. And the juries are needed in the contest. They rightfully didn’t want you to qualify in 2012 either, since you sent absolute crap that year. But unfortunately, the stupid televoters saved you.

  4. I really hope Turkey won’t return in 2017, because this is becoming unbearable… And I won’t be sad if they don’t return.

  5. Turkey’s complaints might have a point but essentially it runs parallel to their recent estrangement from Europe.. an increasingly autocratic Turkey not participating in the contest after having censored the lesbian-gay scenes.. not surprising!

  6. If turkey choses Edis and Aleyna tilki ,they can win the eurovision contest, I hope they chose these two ,because on the other hand they cant be successful.

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