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17 thoughts on “JESC’16: 17 Countries To Compete in Malta”

      1. I hope at least Lithuania joins next year! 🙂 😀 JESC will be alive for a long time. Don’t worrry! It is too interesting for people xD 🙂

    1. France was mitigated about returning in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as some discussions have already been taken, they will maybe return next year.
      I hope so, I have never seen my country in JESC !!!
      But, this year seems to be a good event 🙂

      1. I never saw us too 🙂 (I was 4 when we took part in the compet)And i think it would be very interesting to see what we would send to the contest^^I hope we’ll take part in next year’s edition 😉

  1. Great that there are 17 participating country ‘s in Malta for this JESC. I am happy with Poland and Israel, they make their comeback !! I hope they send great songs, I wish them good luck. For 2017 I hope for more country ‘s !!

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