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Bulgaria: BNT Board Needs To Approve Eurovision 2017 Participation

BNT the national broadcaster of Bulgaria has stated they are waiting for board approval for Eurovision 2017 participation.

BNT the Bulgarian national broadcaster has today released a tweet explaining the current situation regarding their Eurovision 2017 participation. The Board of BNT is yet to approve the participation of the broadcaster in next years contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. Last year BNT announced that they would be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest on November 26.

At the 2016 contest in Stockholm Bulgaria had their best result to date. The country was represented by Poli Genova and the song “If Love Was A Crime”, finishing in 4th place in the final with 307 points. 2016 saw Bulgaria make only their second final in their Eurovision history, the first being in 2007 when Elitsa & Stoyan finished 5th with the song “Water”.

To date a total of 37 countries have stated their intention to compete or have shown an interest in taking to the stage in Kyiv. Portugal has stated their intention to return to the contest, while Romania looks likely to return having filed the paperwork necessary to compete. A number of countries are still yet to publicly state whether they will be participating they are; Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and San Marino as well as Bulgaria who released an update today. It is not yet known if Australia has been invited to participate again in 2017, while Bosnia & Herzegovina is looking unlikely to be competing next year.

Source: BNT

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