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RTCG the national broadcaster of Montenegro has confirmed their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

RTCG has submitted the paperwork necessary to compete in the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. Next years contest will mark 10 years since Montenegro first took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. Montenegro still has the right to withdraw from the contest without financial penalty until October 10, if the broadcaster decides against participating in next years contest.

Montenegro is the 36th country to publicly state their intention to compete or show an interest in participating in next years contest. 2017 would mark the 9th time that an artist from Montenegro will have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest and the first time that the country has competed as an independent nation in a contest in Ukraine.

To date a total of 36 countries have stated their intention to compete or have shown an interest in taking to the stage in Kyiv. Portugal has stated their intention to return to the contest, while Romania looks likely to return having filed the paperwork necessary to compete. A number of countries are still yet to publicly state whether they will be participating they are; Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia and San Marino. It is not yet known if Australia has been invited to participate again in 2017, while Bosnia & Herzegovina is looking unlikely to be competing next year.

Source: RTCG

8 thoughts on “Montenegro: Confirms Participation in Eurovision 2017”

  1. Good, San Marino (unlikely), Bosnia and Herzegovina (unlikely), Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey (unlikely), Slovakia, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Australia (likely) remaining. :3 My prediction is that the final amount will be somewhere between 41 and 43 participants. :3

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