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Ukraine: Jamala releases music video of ‘1944’

Three months after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm back in May, the music video for Jamala’s winning song ‘1944’ has officially been released today.

The music video was directed by Anatoliy Sachivko and videoed by Nikita Kuzmenko, who also filmed Jamala’s ‘Confused’ music video. The music video was filmed on the disused military base Pamir in Chernivtsi in Western Ukraine.

Jamala has recently been invited to take part on the jury panel to help select Ukraine’s successor to represent her country in Kyiv at next year’s contest.

You can watch the video below

4 thoughts on “Ukraine: Jamala releases music video of ‘1944’”

  1. Still can’t believe this won… Really Europe? Really juries? It also has a political message, which is against the rules of Eurovision if I’m not mistaken. :/

      1. It wasn’t a bad song, but not good either in my opinion. It however carries a political message and that is against the rules of Eurovision. But I like Jamala, she seems like a friendly person. 🙂

  2. For some weird reason, I’m not a fan of the studio version while I actually love the song live. But what matters is the live version so I’m very happy Ukraine won 😀

    The music video is amazing as well 🙂


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