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Germany will not be competing in the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta this November.

In an email the official website for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest, confirms that no German broadcaster will be participating this year. The email states that it is now too late for Germany to select an artist to participate in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. stated that a decision was still being made as to whether the contest will be broadcast in Germany. Last year for the first time the contest was broadcast live on with German commentary.

Jon Ola Sand the Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest stated a press conference in May that Germany was one a number of countries they were talking to about participating. Last year Germany showed a strong interest in participating, with NDR looking closely at participating, however the country decided against participating.

To date a total of 16 countries have confirmed their participation in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Both Cyprus and Poland are returning to the contest having both not competed in last years contest in Bulgaria. While Montenegro, San Marino and Slovenia have opted not to compete in this years contest in Malta. TVM this years host broadcaster had stated that a total of 18 countries would compete in this years contest. Israel is the only country to publicly state that they may return this year.

Source:, Thomas Mayer

11 thoughts on “Germany: Will Not Participate in Junior Eurovision 2016”

  1. As you probably know, I do like past editions of JESC. I have started to accept the changes after seeing some videos with old songs. Not like, I will most likely still boycott, but I do think that the show must go on. However, because of the fact that I like past editions, I will publish toplists of songs from past editions. I am starting now with writing my toplist of the songs from JESC 2003:

    16. Poland
    15. The Netherlands
    14. Greece
    13. Belgium
    12. Norway
    11. Sweden(My country)
    10. Latvia
    9. Cyprus
    8. Spain
    7. Malta
    6. Macedonia
    5. Romania
    4. Belarus
    3. UK
    2. Denmark
    1. Croatia
    It was really hard to make this top 16, especially the songs in place 11-4, I think they were almost equally good. And none of the songs were bad, but my top three are easily the best IMO that year. What do you think about my top 16?

  2. Not surprising…

    I don’t think we necessarily need more confirmations, having 16 countries participating is already great.

      1. I know but this is just a prediction, they also expected less countries to participate in adult Eurovision 2016.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding me! So anyways, 2 countries remain though. I need Sweden to return and Finland to debut to complete the JESC 2016 countries.

  4. why are Sweden not taking part ? They said in 2015 they were taking one year out of the contest – now it is 2 🙁

    Good to see Israel back and thank goodness that Australia can make up an entrant yet somehow Germany is too late to do it!

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