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HRT the national broadcaster has confirmed that they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The Croatian national broadcaster confirmed the news to local fan website Croatia who returned to the contest in 2016 having last participated in 2013, made their way through to their first final since 2009. Croatia was represented Nina Kraljić and the song “Lighthouse”, she finished 23rd in the final with 73 points.

HRT has not yet made any decisions as to how they will select their participant for the contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. The decision will be made in the coming months. HRT came under criticism for internally selected Nina to represent Croatia in Stockholm, with calls for a return to the “Dora” selection format used from 1993 to 2011.

It had been thought in the run up to this announcement that HRT would withdraw from the contest due to financial issues. The broadcaster this year has had to cut major programming such as The Voice and the local version of Dancing With The Stars.

To date a total of 32 countries are reported to have either confirmed their participation in next years contest, or stated their interest in competing in Kyiv. 10 countries from last years contest have yet to publicly state their decision on Eurovision participation, while Bosnia & Herzegovina is looking likely to withdraw.


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  1. Yes indeed. But Kazakhstan is looking for a debut, and Slovakia and Turkey to return. And Liechtenstein will debut if Bosnia and Herzegovina withdraws.

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