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Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand has told Ukrainian organisers the focus should be on seated not standing tickets.

Today a meeting was held in Kyiv, Ukraine between representatives of the European Broadcasting Union, the Ukrainian national broadcaster NTU and the Kyiv City Administration. The focus of the meeting was the venue for next years contest, the International Exhibition Center. Jon Ola Sand the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest voiced two concerns about the venue;

  • The location of the relay node and the location of the television equipment as this takes up a large amount of space and needs to be stored securely
  • The number of seats being sold. The majority of tickets sold at Eurovision are for seated tickets so they must be thought of first. A standing area for around 2,000 fans is a sufficient size.

Further details were announced about the planned sizes of certain aspects of the venue and the location of specific required structures. The Green room will be 800 metres square and will be located near to the stage. The planned size of the stage is 750 metres square. The press center will be 4,000 metres square and will be large enough for the press conference room and studios to be located within it. If there is a need for further facilities or to move the press center, the car park at the front of the IEC can be used.

Mr Jon Ola Sand had a clear message for the organisers of next years contest:

The arena can be adjusted to the Eurovision Song Contest, the Eurovision Song Contest should not adjusted to the arena.

Source: NTU

4 thoughts on “ESC’17: Focus Should Be On Seats Not Standing”

  1. I think EBU must have a firm hand over the Ukrainin production or else there will be chaos. They do not trust them at all. Thats just my thoughts. After Gate Copenhagen and Azerbaijan there is no room or time for crazy expensive productions.

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