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San Marino: San Marino RTV to Sue Over Serhat’s 2016 Performance

The Director General of San Marino RTV is contemplating legal action over the absence of holograms from Serhat’s performance at Eurovision 2016. reports that Carlo Romeo, the Director General of the national broadcaster of San Marino is looking at taking legal action for the countries lack of holograms in Eurovision 2016. It is reported that the production team behind Serhat invested a significant amount of money for the use of holograms in the singer’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The report states that the hologram was then forced to be removed from the performance due to last-minute problems, instead being replaced by five backing dancers. San Marino announced on May 1st that Serhat would be joined on stage by the backing dancers, stating that they had spent the previous week rehearsing the routine.

The Director General has spoken in the past about the possibility of San Marino withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. The broadcaster was public in its anger at not being consulted regarding the changes to the voting procedure for Eurovision 2016. The changes to the voting saw the televote for San Marino created through the average televoting points from 10 countries across Europe. SMTV San Marino stated that they were working on a proposal for a fairer voting method for the country for Eurovision 2017.

SMTV San Marino has yet to make any public announcements as a broadcaster as to whether they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. San Marino previously withdrew from the contest from 2009 to 2010 due to financial difficulties.


4 thoughts on “San Marino: San Marino RTV to Sue Over Serhat’s 2016 Performance”

  1. they shouldn’t even bother….as if unecessary visual superficicial stuff matters…the song just wasn’t good enough

  2. Even if they had holograms they wouldn’t have qualified. They’re just mad at EBU because of the televote issues.

  3. Why are San Marino’s televoting results made up of the average of 10 countries points which the EBU decides. Why not the average of every country? It’s not fair. Either that, or San Marino should be allowed to have a second jury. Also, the hologram wouldn’t have saved their song.

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