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BNT the national broadcaster of Bulgaria has revealed the title of the song Lidia Ganeva will perform at Junior Eurovision 2016.

Lidia Ganeva will perform “Valsheben Den” (Magical Day) at the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, this November in Malta. Lidia is still working on the recording of her song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has begun work on the music video. BNT will reveal the country’s song for Junior Eurovision during September, a specific date has not yet been announced.

The song that Lidia Ganeva will be performing in Malta is written by Grafa, while the song is composed by liya Grigorov. The song is about tolerance as well as the hopes and dreams of every child. Grafa who wrote the song said that he played the song to his children before approaching Lidia with the song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Lidia Ganeva told BNT that:

We can all be friends, every child has a big dream. Why do people have to believe in dreams? – Because they sooner or later will come true, this was our motto in the selection.

To date a total of 16 countries have confirmed their participation in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Both Cyprus and Poland are returning to the contest having both not competed in last years contest in Bulgaria. While Montenegro, San Marino and Slovenia have opted not to compete in this years contest in Malta. TVM this years host broadcaster had stated that a total of 18 countries would compete in this years contest. Israel is the only country to publicly state that they may return this year.

Source: BNT

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