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9 thoughts on “ESC’17: Host City Announcement Tomorrow at 12:00 CET”

  1. Please people, why is everyone saying ‘Let another country host, please’. If this was a country in Western Europe, for example Norway, it would be like ‘Norway is taking good care of the contest.’

    Ukraine is able to host the contest and the contest is going to be held in Ukraine!

  2. Its a sodding joke all this… I think the board should take it off Ukraine and ban them for 1 year for all this hassle they have caused…. I love Eurovision and the whole fun of booking flights, Hotels, time off work etc have been ruined by this country unable to agree… If you are unable to host – Dont enter…. Ukraine will be a difficult country for a lot of people to get to.. I know depending on the city they chose i might need to book 3 or possibly 4 flights each way….
    Stockholm 2016 was such an outstanding and amazing event – Any country could struggle to meet what they put on….

    1. I agree, if a country is unable to host hen stay out of the contest itself.

      #Odessa2017 (if Kyiv is chosen I will literally rip my hair off because then all this waiting is worth nothing)

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