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Ukraine: Jury for Junior Eurovision Selection Final Announced

The jury who will have a 50% say in the results of the Ukrainian Junior Eurovision selection process have been revealed by NTU.

The five member jury will have a 50% say in the outcome of the Junior Eurovision selection final in Ukraine this Saturday. The jury members are as follows:

  • Mariya Burmaka – Head of the Jury – singer, composer and songwriter, has written over 150 songs.
  • Victoria Romanova – Deputy Director General of NTU and the Head of Delegation for Ukraine at the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contests.
  • Oleksandr Ksenofontov – Music producer and lyricist, he wrote the lyrics to Ukraine’s winning Eurovision entry in 2004 “Wild Dances”.
  • Vadym Lysytsya – Music Producer
  • Valentyn Koval – CEO of the television channels M1 and M2.

Competing in the final which starts at 11:00 CET are:

  1. Anastasiia Bahinska – “Mii svit” (My world)
  2. Andrii Boiko, – “Open your heart”
  3. Sofiia Shkidchenko, – “Dolce vita”
  4. Sofiia Lozina – “Uhorskyi tanok” (Hungarian dance)
  5. Alisa Panchuk – “Pyi svoi mrii” (Drink your dreams)
  6. Denys Rodin – “Ukraina – mama moia” (Ukraine – my mother)
  7. Polina Dashkova, – “Do Boha” (To the Lord)
  8. Iuliia Radchuk – “Moia zoria” (My star)
  9. Sofiia Rol – “Planet craves for love”
  10. Denys Dovirak & Natalia Sadova – “Ia chekaiu svoho lysta” (I am waiting for my letter)
  11. Band «VoiceLand» – “Vidchyny svoie sertse” (Open your heart)
  12. Diana Sapozhko – “Tvii svit” (Your world)

A number of special guests will be performing as part of the final including Svetlana Tarabova (2016 Eurovision selection participant) and Anna Trincher (Junior Eurovision 2015 participant). Also performing will be the groups KADNAY and Vivienne Mort.

Source: NTU

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[tw-accordion-section title=”What is the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?”]
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest was first held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003 with the contest being won by Croatia who were represented by Dino Jelušić and “Ti si moja prva ljubav”. The contest is open to singers aged between 10 and 15, singers must also perform at least 75% of their song in the language of their country. Since the first contest singers from Italy, Belarus and the Netherlands to name just a handful have won the contest. This years contest is being held on November 20 in the Maltese Capital.

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