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ESC’17: International Exhibition Center Kyiv’s Preferred Venue

Kyiv has confirmed that the IEC (International Exhibition Center) is the venue they wish to host Eurovision 2017 in.

In an interview with Hromadske, the Head of the Department for Tourism in Kyiv, Anton Taranenko has told reports that the IEC is Kyiv’s preferred venue for Eurovision 2017. The IEC he states is the only venue that meets the technical requirements laid out by the European Broadcasting Union and does not require the construction of a new roof to be capable of hosting.

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  • IEC will be modernised in appearance for the contest in May, no investment is required to improve the technical capabilities of the IEC.
  • Improving the transport links in the area to the IEC, Euroclub and the Eurovision Village.
  • Shuttle buses will run between the IEC and Euroclub which is located at the CEC Parkovy.
  • Water taxi’s will be running between two terminals near both the IEC and central Kyiv.
  • Outside of the IEC, the area will be modernised and feature Eurovision branding.
  • Overall Kyiv expects to spend a total of 200 million UAH (Euro 7 million) on the contest.


Euroclub would be located at the CEC Parkovy, the CEC Parkovy is a congress and exhibition center located on the west bank of the Dniper river in the Park Asklodova Mohlya, there will be a shuttle bus in operation to transport fans. Eurovillage will be located in Sofiyskaya Square, this is accessible from the IEC by metro train.

The IEC will be able to hold between 10,000 and 11,000 fans who will be able to be both seated in stands but also stand in front of the stage. The current proposal is very similar to the setup for the 2015 contest in Vienna, where the floor area was used for standing fans, while the sides had seated stands.

Source: Hromadkse

11 thoughts on “ESC’17: International Exhibition Center Kyiv’s Preferred Venue”

  1. It has got to be Odessa! Kiev has already hosted Eurovision once and Junior Eurovision twice! It’s time for something different. :-/

  2. When will the host city be announed? When the clock turns 11.59 PM tonight I wanna know which city it is!

  3. Really routing for Kyiv now…. Suitable venue and the plan looks good… Though I wouldn’t be too sad if Odessa is chosen….. As long as it’s not Dnipro….

    1. I gotta say that I changed my mind. Since Kyiv now wants to locate the contest in the IEC I want either Odessa or Kyiv to win.

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