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10 thoughts on “Iceland: Confirms Eurovision 2017 Participation”

  1. I’m so happy my favorite Eurovision country has confirmed participation! 😀

    Good luck next year, Iceland! And hopefully, see you in the Grand Final again 🙂

  2. It’s a shame Yohanna “only” came second, she should’ve won over that Norwegian stuff… It wasn’t even good! GO ICELAND! 😀

    1. Iceland is a bit of an outsider. As a Swede, I can tell many people doesn’t even count Iceland as a part of the Nordic countries. Iceland also has a different culture than the rest of the Nordic countries have. In Eurovision though we can see a clear pattern between the Nordic countries: Iceland+Denmark=Relationship, Denmark+Norway=Relationship, Norway+Sweden=Relationship, Sweden+Finland=Relationship, Denmark+Sweden=Relationship. You see, Iceland particularly only has Denmark as a voting neighbor, I don’t know why. Therefore it’s difficult for Iceland to gain succes, Iceland are the northern European version of Spain – nearly always underrated. 🙁

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