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17 thoughts on “Israel: May Participate in Junior Eurovision 2016”

  1. That’s great. However, I’m still waiting for Australia, Montenegro, and/or Serbia to participate. Israel COULD make a surprise return, but France is also rumored to do so. We’ll have to find out! 🙂

    1. I think that Serbia will participate if Montenegro participates. Montenegro debuted in 2014. when Serbia returned. Both of them participated last year, but this year they didn’t give any information about participating. I am sure that Australia will confirm, they were 17th to confirm last year. With Israel it would be 18, amazing! The record could be 19, if Sweden returns. It will be very good if France, Germany, Spain and UK participate, but it is almost impossible

    1. @Schultzebulle &fishdish: Could you please stop your negative remarks?! Nobody is forcing you to watch JESC but please leave others to enjoy it. Even though I am also not 100 % happy with all of the changes (the new time slot in the afternoon is o.k. because of the young audience, however I don’t agree with the age lowering) the more countries the better! And the only thing that could convince the EBU to reintroduce the televoting are more viewers, which could only be achieved by the participation of bigger countries like France, Germany, Spain or Poland!

  2. Well, Israel would be a badder choice, but still Germany, France, Spain and the UK are my possible countries that are still waiting to confirm participation.

  3. The best thing would be that when the final list will be announced more then 18 countries will participate. Hopefully Serbia, Montenegro, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden en Spain.

  4. It would be great if Israel return to JESC this year, I hope so !! I loved their song in 2012 !! Please Israel come back, you ‘re more than welcome !!

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