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Cyprus Confirm Junior Participation

Cyprus have today confirmed their participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Valletta. Taking part in every contest from 2003 to 2009, and returning in 2014, this will be Cyprus’ first back contest after their one year break. Cyprus is one of the least successful countries to participate in the contest; never finishing in a result higher than eighth during their eight attempts. Cyprus was most recently represented by Sophia Patsalides with ‘I pio omorifi mera’ finishing in ninth place. Sophia went on to appear on The ESC News Group’s successful Christmas release #TogetherAsOne with the track ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ recorded by the National Publishing and Broadcasting Collective Symphony Orchestra.

So far, thirteen countries have formally confirmed participation with another two countries also suggested to have confirmed. Last year 17 countries participated in the contest, and despite multiple withdrawals this year the EBU hints towards a higher number still for 2016.


24 thoughts on “Cyprus Confirm Junior Participation”

  1. Cyprus should have won in 2014 though. It will be hard for them to make such a good song again. I guess time will tell. Maybe they will make a great song again! 😀

      1. Or it could lead to Limassol 2017 to. Let’s just say, whatever song they choose could lead to Cyprus 2017! 😀

  2. Georgia will for sure participate, France may return since they hinted it a few weeks ago (although most of the times a country hinted to participate in the end doesn’t). I can imagine 15 countries taking part, not sure about Serbia and Montenegro since their neighbor Slovenia withdrew. Anyway it’s quite difficult to predict which coyntries will participate, I mean, who predicted Cyprus?

  3. I think (and hope) the following countries will confirm:

  4. Great to see Cyprus back!!.

    I think the other countrys will be:
    – Australia
    – Serbia
    – Georgia
    – Montenegro
    – France (return)

  5. I contacted SBS, the broadcaster from Australia and they said they had ‘no plans’ to participate in 2016. I don’t know if it is true what they said.

    1. That would be a catastrophe for the EBU if Australia decided to withdraw. Such a strong contender to win every year. If they decide to withdraw alongside Sweden, Spain and a bunch of other countries I hope that the EBU will change back the voting system since they obviously want those countries to participate.

  6. OMG, yessssss 😀
    I’m so happy, my country and Cyprus are very good friends and we also speak the same language!

    I really didn’t expect that! 😮

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