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24 thoughts on “Cyprus Confirm Junior Participation”

  1. Cyprus should have won in 2014 though. It will be hard for them to make such a good song again. I guess time will tell. Maybe they will make a great song again! 😀

      1. Or it could lead to Limassol 2017 to. Let’s just say, whatever song they choose could lead to Cyprus 2017! 😀

  2. Georgia will for sure participate, France may return since they hinted it a few weeks ago (although most of the times a country hinted to participate in the end doesn’t). I can imagine 15 countries taking part, not sure about Serbia and Montenegro since their neighbor Slovenia withdrew. Anyway it’s quite difficult to predict which coyntries will participate, I mean, who predicted Cyprus?

  3. Great to see Cyprus back!!.

    I think the other countrys will be:
    – Australia
    – Serbia
    – Georgia
    – Montenegro
    – France (return)

  4. I contacted SBS, the broadcaster from Australia and they said they had ‘no plans’ to participate in 2016. I don’t know if it is true what they said.

    1. That would be a catastrophe for the EBU if Australia decided to withdraw. Such a strong contender to win every year. If they decide to withdraw alongside Sweden, Spain and a bunch of other countries I hope that the EBU will change back the voting system since they obviously want those countries to participate.

  5. OMG, yessssss 😀
    I’m so happy, my country and Cyprus are very good friends and we also speak the same language!

    I really didn’t expect that! 😮

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