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Only Three Remain: The Host City of Eurovision 2017

Following Wednesday’s ‘City Battle’, three cities have now been selected by National Television Ukraine as the official candidate host cities for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Ukraine. Kyiv, Dnipro and Odessa were chosen.

In Wednesday’s ‘City Battle’, Kyiv commented on transport infrastructure and their previous hosting of the contest in 2005 being the perfect example of it’s capability. The venue suggested, Palace of Sports, was the suggested venue as it was in 2005 – however concerns were raised regarding international sporting events due to be held in the arena over the dates of next year’s contest. The opening ceremony, to be held in Main Square, has already been financed and was last night suggested as the fan zone as a central location to all venues and activities.

Dnipro, were the only other city to put forward a roofed venue. The mayor of the city was quick to mention the current war between Ukraine and Russia, commenting that the region was Russian speaking but highlighting that there are Ukrainian and English speakers also in the city. The major down fall of the bid focused on the airport, which currently only caters for domestic flights and a capacity of just 5,000 people per day – large financial injections would need to be made for the city to cope with not only the number of travellers, but the area set to host the fan zones which is not currently suitable.

Despite comments from National Television Ukraine confirming that the list of candidate cities would be finalised at two today, a third city remains in the running. Odessa, who wish host the contest and hold the press under the same roof, with nearby fanzones (including the famous ‘Euroclub’), being held outdoors. Odessa were criticised over accommodation, requiring cruise liners to hold additional guests to the region.

With a final decision imminent, plans will soon get underway for Europe’s favourite television show as it enter’s it’s 62nd edition. For more information about Wednesday’s host city debate, visit the page linked below.

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8 thoughts on “Only Three Remain: The Host City of Eurovision 2017”

  1. I think Kiev will probably win. The venue isn’t the best. Please be Odessa. Don’t pick Dnipro.

    1. Kiev will most likely win… I think eastern countries are more keen to locate the contest in their capitals since they want to show their country to the rest of Europe, something that western European countries like Sweden and Germany don’t have to. But of course, most people only know about a country’s capital and some other big cities, for example Norway and Denmark chose to locate the contest in their capitals but the contest itself wasn’t a “we want to show Europe our country”-contest.
      I was really hoping for Lviv, now I’m in for Odessa! 🙂

  2. OMG!! What about Lviv? OK, now that NTU chose not to pick Lviv I’m hoping for Odessa. BUT SERIOUSLY KIEV OVER LVIV?!?!

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