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Croatia: Eurovision Young Musicians Postcards Filmed

Marko Martinović
Marko Martinović is representing Croatia (HRT)

In Croatia Marko Martinović’s postcard for the Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 has been filmed.

The host broadcaster of this years contest WDR, sent a camera crew out to Croatia this week to meet with the countries participant and film their postcard. The postcard for Marko will see him inviting the audience to Croatia. He takes them on a  bike ride to show his own country and his birthplace of Jazavice. The viewer then meets with the young musicians grandmother who has local food – bread and sausage. Later in the postcard sees Marko was with the sisters and posed in national costume. Also featured in the postcard is the Croatian Capital, Zagreb.

Marko told HRT that he had never heard of Eurovision Young Musicians before this year, adding:

I was watching HRT at home with my father, saw the ad and call for competition. Until then, I did not even know that such competition exists for children musicians who play classical music, I knew only for Eurovision. Well, I thought – I’m going to try.

Source: HRT

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