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ESC’17: Dnipro Reveals Eurovision Hosting Plans

Meteor Sports Arena would host the contest
Meteor Sports Arena would host the contest

Dnipro has revealed their plans for hosting the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine.

The Mayor of the city stated that they are ready and willing to invest up to 500 million Hryvnia (18 million Euro) in hosting the contest. Boris Filatov  the Mayor of Dnipro has stated that the funds to host the contest come from an existing fund of over 1,4 billion Hryvnia and will not affect the day-to-day running of the city.

The contest would be held at the Meteor Sport Arena in the city, which has a capacity for 9,500 people. The city has stated that the arena will be renovated in time for March 2017. The press center would be situated at the Dnipro Arena. The Mayor stated that the city is ready to accommodate fans at hotels in the city, there are currently 3,700 rooms available in the city, with more hotels to be constructed for the contest.

With regards to accessing Dnipro from across Europe, the mayor was quick to point out that the city has an international airport, which is currently being reconstructed with a new terminal and runway. Furthermore he promised to increase the number public transport connections to the airport for the contest.

Source: UNIAN

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