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ManuElla represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2016

Slovenia appears to have confirmed that they will be participating in the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine.

The Slovenian website has reported that Slovenia will be competing in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. The announcement from Slovenia of their intention to compete comes earlier than normal.

The website reports that once again EMA will be used to select the countries entrant for Eurovision, however the selection will undergo changes. EMA in 2016 was tied in with Dnevi slovenske zabavne glasbe. For 2017 the contest will once again become independent and will be forward to take place in January.

The selection will be spread over the month to include a number of semi finals, culminating in a final. This sees the selection change to reflect the countries selection process in 2012 Misija Evrovizija. It is hoped that this will encourage more artists to submit songs into the selection process.

RTVSLO will reveal more in the coming months along with an open call for submissions.

Source: Evrovizija

8 thoughts on “Slovenia: Eurovision 2017 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Yesssss, Slovenia doesn’t give up! 😀
    I really hope to see them in the final again next year 🙂

    1. I think the following countries will withdraw:
      – Montenegro (due to changes in the rules)
      – San Marino (same here)
      – Russia (I know, some of you will disagree but I can see a similar scenario to what happened in Baku 2012. Armenia confirms participation but withdraw their intention too late and therefore have to pay off a fine and will have to broadcast both of the semi finals and final).

  2. I love that Slovenia is in!<3 But I am also worried about other countries.
    San Marino will almost 100% withdraw.
    Montenegro and F.Y.R Macedonia are the countries that I am also worried about.
    But I really hope Kazakhstan, China or even maybe Faroe Islands or Kosovo will debut!

    1. I’m almost 100 % sure Kazakhstan will debut, since it’s in a neighbor country. If Australia had won, I think it’d be a less chance that the Kazakhs would debut. 🙂

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