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JESC’16: New Details Revealed About The Contest

Staging Details Revealed
Staging Details Revealed

New details have been revealed about how the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be staged and how it will work.

As previously announced multiple venues are to be used as part of this years contest in Malta. The countries who are competing in the contest will be performing at the Mediterranean Conference Centre which acts as the main hub for the contest. The other venues across Malta including the Manoel Theatre, St. George’s Square and the Valletta Waterfront will be used to stage interval acts. These venues will also be used for shots that include children supporting certain countries, guest performances in the show as well as other as yet unknown performances.

Alongside the news regarding the multiple venues the EBU have confirmed two more major details. The first being that the competitors will now also have classes with mentors to help them develop. During the Junior Eurovision week the singers will be mentored by past and present singers from the Eurovision Song Contest.

The way that the voting will be presented has also been clarified. As previously announced the televote has been dropped in favour of having an adult jury and a childrens jury. The points from the adult jury of all of the countries will be shown on-screen, the childrens jury will then be invited to present their points. These points will be read by a representative of the childrens jury from each country.

Watch the official trailer released today below:

Source: Junior Eurovision

9 thoughts on “JESC’16: New Details Revealed About The Contest”

  1. I was hoping for

    “Also, the EBU has decided to reverse their descision to remove televoting, the contest will also instead be held on November 19 and in the Malta Shipbuilding. The points of each country will be given according to the same rules as in adult Eurovision, or as former Junior Eurovision contests. Each national jury will be made up by two former JESC stars, or artists that had previously been participating in a country’s national selection. If there is a debuting country, only former adult Eurovision stars or national selection participants should be able to participate as jurors. Furthermore, Slovenia has decided to reverse their withdrawal, Sweden, the UK, and several more countries are returning/debuting. We’ll therefore see a record breaking amount of participating countries in the contest, which will, this year, be presented by Moira Delia.”

    But sadly not. 🙁

    1. Hopefully at the next meeting. I’m so hoping for this:

      “Needless to say, the EBU finally decided to bring the maximum age back to normal, thus re-allowing 15-year-olds to complete.”

      I seriously hope so! 😀

      1. All that Schutzebulle and you have said is great to negotiate about the next meeting!!! 😀 But I think it is too late to bring the maximum age back to normal, but the rest of the changes are just dumb, and should be brought back to PBS.

  2. Jana Mirković, the Scarpari twins, and Shalisa are all 16 now, so they can be part of the adults’ jury, as 16 is the minimum age for the grown-ups Eurovision. 🙂

  3. I’m actually hoping for 19 countries since the EBU stated that the maximum is 24

    1. Ireland
    2. France (Return)
    3. Italy
    4. Malta
    5. Germany (Debut)
    6. Serbia
    7. Montenegro
    8. Albania
    10. Bulgaria
    11. Russia
    12. Ukraine
    13. Belarus
    14. Poland (Confirmed Return)
    15. Australia
    16. Finland (Debut)
    17. Lithuania (Return)
    18. Cyprus (Confirmed Return)
    19. Netherlands

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