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ESC’17: Kherson Reveals Proposed Logo

Kherson's proposed logo
Kherson’s proposed logo

Kherson has revealed their proposed logo for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 should they win their bid.

Kherson is the smallest city to be bidding to host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and considered by officials to be the least likely to win. Kherson’s bid to host is based upon the use of the Krystal Stadium to host the contest. The stadium which is currently an open air football stadium requires significant investment from local and national authorities to be able to host the contest.

In a Facebook post the Mayor of Kherson stated:

Thanks to all who assisted in the preparation of presentation materials so that Kherson can adequately present itself for the whole of Ukraine. As mayor, I can well understand where our strengths and weaknesses lay, I look at the situation objectively. But I know for that participation in the selection of host city and whole this competition is a huge chance for Kherson to restore much-needed tourist, entertainment and sports infrastructure.

Source: Kherson Daily


4 thoughts on “ESC’17: Kherson Reveals Proposed Logo”

  1. Nice logo! Reminds me of the UEFA Euro 2016 logo. Just replace Kherson with Lviv on the logo and everything is perfect! 😀

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