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32 thoughts on “JESC’16: Czech Republic & Switzerland Will Not Compete”

  1. Good. Countries previously showing interest in debuting now totally rule out participation. THE VOTING RULES MUST BE CHANGED BACK! Can’t anyone start a petition?

    1. There should be no need to “pray for other countries to withdraw”. It’s very rude, and if you wish that on other countries Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Armenia, Georgia, or the United Kingdom, things will get only worse. The EBU is making these changes for a reason, whether you like it or hate it.

      1. I respect your opinion, I hope you respect mine. I’ve written it so many times; democracy in all contexts including Junior Eurovision! The people should be able to vote!

  2. Might sound rude, but I want as few countries as possible to confirm so EBU can see that what they do is totally wrong.

  3. Well, there were also some good news today. As reported earlier today on this website, Ukraine has confirmed its participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 !! They will hold their national final in September.

        1. That, too. I’m also hoping for Australia, Poland, Sweden, Montenegro, Serbia, and San Marino to participate. I’m also waiting for one of he following countries to make a return:

          * Azerbaijan (2012-13)
          * Belgium (2013-12)
          * Croatia (2003-06; 2014)
          * Cyprus (2003-09; 2014)
          * France (2004)
          * Lithuania (2007-08; 2010-11)
          * Moldova (2010-13)
          * Spain (2003-06)
          * United Kingdom (2003-05)

          And if that doesn’t work, then there’s always a possibility for surprise debuting countries:

          * Estonia
          * Finland
          * Germany

          Let’s find out!!!

  4. Now for something totally different: rumors tell us that Marko Bošnjak could represent Serbia this year. But no one’s quite if it’s gonna happen or not. Let’s find out! 🙂

  5. @beccaboo1212 [Wait, does this mean you also want Sweden out of the contest? ???? )

    Yes, I want Sweden to stay out of the contest this year. As soon as the old format with televoting returns I would love Sweden taking part again. I’m extreamly negative to this new system, Jon Ola Sand does not know what he’s doing, I’m afraid…

      1. I understand how you feel and what you think and I respect that. But since I’m very fond of democracy in all contexts I don’t like when the viewers can not cast their vote for their favorite songs it feels wrong, especially since we’re talking about children. It doesn’t matter if kids sing a bit too harsch or not extreamly clean, they must be really nervous before attendingvthe stage. Therefore, I feel it’s wrong to use 100 % jury votes with music “professionals” (once again, the only people I think should be able to participate as judges are former JESC stars since they know are the only ones who know how much effort and time it takes to create a good staging).

        1. So agree that the juries should be former JESC participants unless it is an debuting country. Not someone like Wiktoria, when she was a judge at the pre-ESC show Inför ESC, she said to like a third of the songs “BORING”

          1. When hearing about Poland’s plans on returning to Junior Eurovision, Schultzebulle told me that the contest WILL be alive after this year. Patrick also “agreed” while I read the article about Malta’s national selection. So it appears [that] they’re both right!!! 🙂

          2. It’s her opinion, I think she’d get another perspective if they were talking about children, especially since she represented Sweden in 2011. A geat jury would be Julia Kedhammar, Molly Sandén and Erik Rapp. I think it’s enough with three former stars.

    1. There is not only the televoiting I want back, I mostly think it in the beginning was the time changes, from Saturday evening to sunday afternoon, that was the problem, I cannot watch the contest at a sunday afternoon, WILL ANYONE????

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