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20 thoughts on “ESC’17: Ukraine Has No Venue Suitable For Eurovision”

  1. Let’s just send the contest to some other country in Europe. Like France or The Netherlands. That would cost “a little” less

        1. It has a capacity ofaround 7000 people, it is very old and unsuitable. Eurovision has progressed a lot since 2005. Even for the 2005 standards, Palace of Sports was dated and small. Ukraine is a big country so they need a bigger arena and it would be a massive contrast from previous year if they host it in such small and poor arena without technology used in Stockholm. Buinding a new arena would explode the budget, Ukraine ain’t Azerbaijan. I say either place a roof like Dusseldorf and Copenhagen in a stadium or ask Germany to host the show.

    1. The capacity is too small 7000 which would make it feel like JESC also the venue is old with a low roof and dated technology.
      Modern stages just wouldn’t fit in such a small cramped space.

  2. Clearly Ukraine are so unprepared. They should give to the UK since they’re the next back up after Germany and since Germany have recently hosted it’d be the right thing to do.

  3. This is the problem when locating Eurovision in eastern Europe… Many times their arenas are dated and do not offer the “required” capacity to host a Eurovision event. It’s very unfortunate for the Ukraine, and especially for the Ukrainian fans. I hope they’ll find a solution soon!

    1. Speak for yourself – come to Poland and check out our arenas for instance. Generalization is not a positive thing.

      1. With Eastern Europe I meant post Soviet states. I don’t count Poland as eastern since your bordering with Germany and are directly to the south of Denmark and Sweden. But it’s still a fact, many eastern (post-Soviet states) can’t offer any good arenas, just look at Azerbaijan who had to build a new arena for Eurovision.

  4. It is clear that Lviv is the only suitable as building a roof on the stadium is easier (Because it is smaller than the Olympic stadium) and that a smaller roof would be able to support the technology.

    The EBU won’t let the contest be held somewhere else unless they are desperate.

    I do believe SVT, NDR and the EBU will help out as much as they can to help Ukraine host.

    This also clearly shows the contest was not rigged and Ukraine really did not expect to win.

  5. If Ukraine doesn’t have a suitable venue to host next year’s contest, then why did they win? In fact, why did they join the Eurovision Song Contest in the first place?

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