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Sverre Kjelsberg Passes Away

Famous for, amongst other things, Norway’s 1980 Eurovision entry ‘Sámiid Ædnan’ (or ‘Lapland’), Sverre Kjelsberg passes away age sixty-nine. Despite finishing in 16th place on the night of the final, Sámiid Ædnan remains a unique and memorable Eurovision hit. Inspired by the autonomy movement among Sami people of Norway, the song referred to political activity including demonstrations held outside the Norwegian building of parliament. The song of course mostly famous not for the political references, but for the truly impeccable, unique chorus line.

Despite recently fighting cancer, Kjelsberg was deemed healthy in 2015. His cause of death has not been determined.

Kjelsberg released seven albums, most recently in 2005, and was behind for some of Norway’s most well known hits, including ‘Ellinor’s Vise’ – a much loved classic. Per Kristian Olsen, a journalist for the national broadcasters of Norway (NRK) and author of The Pussycats’ (Kjelsberg’s band) biography comments:

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He was an incredibly generous human being, a great and friendly man who was both gentle and mindful of his surroundings. He was great company and there are many who take the death heavily. He was my friend, and his death of course upsets me very much.
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Han var et utrolig raust medmenneske, en stor og vennlig mann som var både mild og oppmerksom på sin omverden. Han var et fantastisk selskap og det er mange som tar dødsfallet tungt. Han ble min venn, og dødsfallet hans gjør meg svært trist.

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