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6 thoughts on “Switzerland: Selects For Eurovision 2017 on February 5”

  1. What?! They should have ditched the jury. The online voters know what is memorable. Still think that they should have chosen Platzhirsch.

    1. But if the online voters know what is memorable Switzerland wouldn’t have ended last two years in a row. :/

      1. Melanie René wasn’t selected by online voters. Or Switzerland could just select Platzhirsch internally, and Germany Avantasia and Romania Ovidiu Anton

        1. Ok, hopefully Switzerland will gather succes again. 🙂 It’s not very good looking with three last places just in the 2010s.

  2. Thank god they’ve dropped the regional quota.
    Because RSi could only pick 1 entry for the final and usually all 3 of their songs that progress to the expert check are better than most of the other submission.

    I just don’t know who voted for Melanie and Rykka because they were both terrible and it was obvious from the start they were both going to come last in their semi’s.

    Switzerland had some good songs from International artist but decided to totally ignore them Kitty Brucknell’s Yearning was better than Melanie.

    If they drop the silly cover round as well then this will be perfect.

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