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San Marino: Would Select Foreign Singer For Junior Eurovision 2016

San Marino would select a foreign singer for JESC
San Marino would select a foreign singer for JESC

The Head of Delegation for San Marino, Alessandro Capicchioni has stated that they would select a foreign artist for Junior Eurovision if they participate in Junior Eurovision 2016.

In an interview with Mr Capicchioni stated that due to changes to the age range of the singers they would struggle to select a singer from San Marino. To date San Marino has only been represented once by a singer from San Marino in 2014 as part of The Peppermints. In both 2013 and 2015 the singers selected were from outside of San Marino.

Regarding changes to the voting method at the contest which sees the televote removed from the contest, as well as a move to Sunday afternoon, Mr Capicchioni added that:

The Junior Eurovision has always suffered from low audience rates and the televoters were probably too few to risk and keep the system going after the broadcast slot moved to Sunday. I’m happy if this change will help saving the programme from closing.

San Marino has not yet decided on whether they will participate in this years contest in Malta.


5 thoughts on “San Marino: Would Select Foreign Singer For Junior Eurovision 2016”

  1. My ideal participating list:
    1. Albania
    2. Belarus
    3. Bulgaria
    4. Ireland
    5. Italy
    6. Malta
    7. Netherlands
    8. Russia
    9. Georgia
    10. Armenia
    11. Ukraine
    12. San Marino
    13. Australia
    14. Sweden (returning)

    I think Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro (and Slovenia) will withdraw.

    1. I’d rather Montenegro and Serbia in JESC. I’m also hoping for Spain, Belgium, France, or Lithuania to return, and for either Germany or Estonia to debut. After all, the EBU is hoping for 18 countries to participate.

      1. Yeah, of course I’m hoping for a record breaking amount of participants too, that would’ve been nice! 😀

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