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The Netherlands: Eurovision Winner Corry Brokken has died aged 83

Corry Brokken represented The Netherlands three times between 1956 and 1958.

One of the first Eurovision entrants for The Netherlands and the first Dutch winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Corry Brokken, has died aged 83.

Brokken was born on 3rd December 1932 in Breda, Netherlands. During the 1950s she became an entertainer and a singer, performing with the Sleeswijk Revue alongside Snip en Snap. She first participated in the contest in its inauguration in 1956 performing the song “Voorgoed Voorbij” (Over Forever) which was composed by Jelle de Vries. In 1957 she went one step further winning the contest in Frankfurt, Germany with the song “Net als toen” (Just Like Then), written by Willy van Hemert with 31 points. In 1958 she participated once again on home soil in Hilversum, this time with the song “Heel de wereld” (The whole world) which didn’t fare as well as her previous attempt, placing her last with one point alongside Luxembourg.

After her Eurovision career she withdrew from singing and entertaining and studied law in 1976 to become an attorney and then a judge and returned to performing as well as writing as a columnist in the 1990s.

We would like to pass on our condolences to Corry Brokken’s family and friends at this time.

You can watch and listen to Corry Brokken’s Eurovision entries below.




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  1. I am shocked, being Dutch myself, I was bored and looked up the Dutch Eurovision winners. After I stumbled across Corry’s song, I was wondering if she was still alive. Now that I read this article, I am so shocked..

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