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Slovenia: Withdraws From The Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Lina Kuduzović
Lina Kuduzović represented Slovenia in Bulgaria

RTVSLO has confirmed to that Slovenia will not be participating in the 14th Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

RTV Slovenia confirmed in an email to that they are withdrawing from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest due to changes to the rules made by the EBU. The channel did not specifically state which rules have triggered them to leave the contest.

Slovenia debuted in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 in Malta and finished 3rd in last years contest in Sofia, Bulgaria. Slovenia are the first country this year to announce that they are withdrawing from the contest in Malta.

Source: RTVSLO

25 thoughts on “Slovenia: Withdraws From The Junior Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. NOOOO 🙁 🙁 But, I understand why you withdrew Slovenia! 😉 I agree with you. What I hope: Many countries will withdraw due to the change in the rules. After that, the EBU decides to change everything back to how it was, and everyone will join however 🙂

  2. I hope my country also boycott(Sweden) until they have changed everything back. But they did withdrew last year, and I am still sad about that, I wanted to vote for Armenia and Russia. But now I would be happy to see Sweden withdraw for 2nd year in a row *cross-my-fingers. And if they can’t find another solution, they should cancel the contest. But keep the JESC spirit alive, I loooove past editions, especially 2003, 2004 and 2005. But none of these countries want to compete… 🙁

      1. Yes I’m so sad that my country Denmark (the creator of the JESC in fact) hasn’t participated since 2005. But with the firing of Vladislav Yakovlev, I think it’s becoming more and more corrupted anyway. ????

      1. I just wish that under new rules. When everything is changed back, I will repent everything I said about boycott

        1. And there are only me, and around 10 more persons in Sweden that does take JESC serious. Around 100× more does take ESC serious

          1. No, some zeros did get erased when I sent the comment I mean 10,000× more people

  3. Jesc is going down if slovenia doesn’t want to participate and no other country say they do participate why change everything? I think Jon ola Sand is too busy with everything and thinks lets kill some eurovision so my job gets easyer.

  4. After we got THE BEST RESULT EVER IN ANY EUROVISION SO FAR, we decide to withdraw. Makes sense…
    Though i agree with RTVSLO on this. The rules are reeeaaaally bad and i think it just kills the fun. I guess this happens if Jon Ola Sand takes priorety of a contest he obviously knows nothing about…

      1. Agree! Yakovlev was the best! I hope someone starts a campaigne to bring him back…

  5. My thoughts on JESC2016:

    12 country’s competing:
    1 the netherlands
    2 bulgaria
    3 albania
    4 malta
    5 ireland
    6 russia
    7 belarus
    8 armenia
    9 ukraine
    10 georgia
    11 australia
    12 serbia

    The rest will withdraw because of the results/new rules. The country’s they are talking with are not competing for this reasons:
    Belgium: can’t afford it/ too late to find a participant
    France: too many chances to eurovisions kills eurovision
    Germany: still wants to see how junior eurovision works out with the new rules.
    Spain: say the will participate and at the last second withdraw for no reason
    Cyprus: no money
    Sweden: no money/ eurovision after party
    Croatia: Still paying for the dress from eurovision 2016
    Estonia: What is junior eurovision?
    United Kingdom: will only participate when doing well on eurovision

  6. I feel way too many changes have been made by the EBU! It’s kinda stupid to drop televoting, I mean do they think as many viewers will turn in to watch as in 2014 and 2015? And why is it gonna be held in a conference hall? And why are all these changes now? Well, Yakovlev was fired and Jon-Ola Sand took over. I’m so sad and angry and frustrated ’cause the JESC had just been popular again, after having 12 participants in 2013 to 17 – including Australia! – in 2015. ????

  7. The PEOPLE watch the contest. They should be able to vote. Macedonia will probably withdraw next.

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