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Russia: Still Contesting Eurovision 2016 Results

One week on Russia still does not accept the 2016 results
One week on Russia still does not accept the 2016 results

Russian media one week on from the 61st Eurovision Song Contest is still contesting the results.

The BBC’s Moscow Correspondent Steve Rosenberg reports that Russian news is still contesting the victory of Jamala at last weeks contest. News broadcasts this evening lead with the title “Deception, fraud & plagiarism” regarding Sergey Lazarev topping the televote but not winning the contest for Russia. The past week has seen a series of claims and petitions filled against Jamala’s victory mainly calling for Sergey Lazarev to be named as the winner of the 2016 contest.

It is argued by many Russians that Sergey Lazarev is the rightful winner of the 2016 contest as he scored a total of 361 points on the televote, 38 points clear of second place Ukraine. However in the jury vote Ukraine picked up 211 points, compared to Russia’s 130 points. This left Russia 43 points short of victory last Saturday night. Even if the results of the contest were determined by the 50/50 televote and jury combined system Russia would not have won the contest, instead the title would have gone to Australia.

Source: Steve Rosenberg

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  1. Can you imagine if Italy had been in a riot like this last year? Hard, cause they’d never throw a fit over something so stupid, AND something that was 100% legitimate. Il Volo have a great career (I saw them singing on TV in the US this year!) after coming third. Sergey could do just as well, even without winning. Agh.

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