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12 thoughts on “Andorra: No Return To Eurovision in 2017”

        1. I think everyone wants the ultimate eurovision song contest me to with all the countries participating and these are the only countries that are fully independent sovereighn UN countries that are within Europe and the EBA that have to debut. It really frustrates me every year when Liechtenstein again don’t go to Eurovision for almost 10 years! but offcourse I want Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra, Turkey, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania to return. I think Kazakhstan should join the Asian version of the Eurovision Song Contest I think they are better there Their more Asian as European its just to much, its hard enough to win Eurovision. But I think other transcontinental countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Cyprus and Russia should stay with Eurovision. And Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands when their fully independent.

  1. “They are currently the only country to have participated in the contest to not make the final.”. Exactly, that’s a good reason to actually return!

      1. Hopefully the Czech Republic can convince Slovakia to return. Unfortunately I think the new voting system has made it even worse for countries such as Andorra and Monaco (they don’t have their own telephone network, right?). I even think we’ll miss San Marino next year. You know what, I made up my mind – bring the old voting system back!

      1. Monaco participated from 1959 to 1979 and therefore they participated in the final… Same as Slovakia participated in 1994, 1996 and 1998…

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