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ESC’17: Ukraine Can Afford To Host The Contest

Eurovision 2005
Ukraine hosted the contest in 2005

Jaanika Merilo, Advisor to the Minister for Economic Development has stated that Ukraine can afford to host the 2017 contest.

Ms Merilo has said that the country can afford to host the contest on a budget similar to that of Estonia in 2002 and Sweden in 2013, these contests cost €8 million and €13 million respectively. In addition to her comments she has backed the idea of holding the contest outside of Kyiv, instead promoting the opportunities for development and promotion of one of the regional centers in Ukraine.

Furthermore the former Head of NTU, Taras Stetskiv has added his comments stating the country will be capable of hosting. He was in charge of NTU when Ukraine lasted host in 2005. The contest in 2005 had a budget of $23 million, however the amount spent on the contest fell $10 million under expectations. Mr Stetskiv told BBC Ukrainian that the proposal to host the contest at the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex is not achievable, he also added that Lviv lacks appropriate venues for the contest.

Source:, BBC Ukrainian

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  1. It’s nice to hear they are able to host, but I wouldn’t like a ledless stage like 2002 and 2013. It just works better for me…

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