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Bulgaria: Junior Eurovision 2016 Hopefuls Announced

Gabriela Yordanova & Ivan Stoyanov
Bulgaria selects on June 11

BNT has this evening revealed the names of the 15 singers who are all vying to represent Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision 2016.

Bulgaria will be selecting their participant for Junior Eurovision 2016 on June 11. The selection “Detsata na Bŭlgariya sa super” (Children of Bulgaria are super), will be spread over ten days with the first selection show on June 1 and the final on June 11. Among the 15 participants announced tonight are Bon-Bon who represented Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision 2007.

  • Alexander Dimitrov
  • Bozhena Varbanova
  • Valentina Kuncheva
  • Valentina Nikova
  • Bon-Bon
  • Daniela Piryankova
  • Dimitrina Germanova
  • Eleonora Dimitrova
  • Eleonora Petrova
  • Lidia Ganeva
  • Nia Krusheva
  • Preslava Petrova
  • Sesil Sabri
  • Simona Krasteva

Source: BNT

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      1. Youre probably not familiar with the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, but you can tell [that] their members get older as time flies. That’s why there’s departures and new members. And yeah, that’s why there’s always new members in Bon-Bon as well. 😉

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